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Kanidota is the author of Kani Plays Games, a gaming blog for The Sims 4 about challenges, stories and musings. She’s been playing TS4 for a while and finally worked up the courage and knowhow to share it.

Kani is based in the UK with her husband, Mesh, a non-Simmer. Both Kani and Mesh are learning to thrive and survive parenting during a pandemic with their firstborn, Juanito.

Pages of Interest

The Challenges

7 January 2021

The rules and guidelines to the challenges I’m doing are found here. Some of them are still work in progresses.

The Stories

7 January 2021

SimLit: Sim Literature I’ve written are catalogued here for your reading. I welcome constructive feedback!

The Legacies

7 January 2021

I have not been able to complete a legacy challenge despite a number of attempts, but I am not down and out yet. When I start doing them you can find them here.

Kani’s Commentary:
Field Notes on Simming Playstyle

Full disclosure: I most definitely do not have enough room in my laptop to power The Sims 4 smoothly as baby Juan’s skin. I use some mods and will make a list of what I use in due time.